“Mommy, I need my ears.” With Danita Jones

Episode - 045: "Mommy, I need my ears." with Danita Jones (48:03)

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Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

“Yes, Mrs. Jones, Caleb is going to need to see an audiologist once he is discharged from the NICU….Well, he failed his hearing test… multiple times.” What would you do with a premature twin who is now having the work-up to determine what type of hearing loss they have?....I know, where is that doggone parents manual?! As we take this journey with Mrs. Danita Jones, she walks us through how they have come to the beautiful place where, “as a parent you know your children and you can say, “this is the one that can handle this challenge””. And you enjoy the amazing, the funny, the emotional and the strengthening times that come with the journey. Children's Rehabilitation Services - http://www.dmgcrs.org/