If you snore, read this! Part Three

By Wendell R. McMillan II

If you missed the earlier posts on this subject, you can read part one here and part two here.

After receiving the results from my first sleep study in 2007, it was quite sobering as you can imagine. Quite frankly it was scary! After discussing various options with the sleep specialists, I decided to try a CPAP machine. In a nutshell, this forces air into your nasal cavities that will keep your airway open while you sleep so you won’t snore and most importantly stop breathing. Surgery was one of the options presented to me but I didn’t want to try that as the initial option. If CPAP and any other non-invasive treatment options didn’t work I figured we could discuss surgery at a later time.

My follow-up study was scheduled at the same sleep clinic. I would have the same wires and sensors hooked up to my body but this time I would be connected to a CPAP machine and the tech would titer or adjust the airflow to where I would sleep comfortably but my airway would remain open. Here’s a picture of a follow up study I had this year to give you an idea of what it looks like.


I know it seems like alot but I got used to it quickly and after seeing those initial sleep results I would do anything to stop the apnea.

After I was all hooked up to the sensors and the CPAP machine, the next thing I remember is the sleep technician coming to wake me up the next morning. Once again, I thought it would take me a long time to fall asleep and get used to the machine but I don’t remember tossing and turning at all. Please listen when I tell you that when I woke up that morning I felt like a new person! I must have been sleep deprived for so long that I was just used to it. I will NEVER forget how I felt that morning after sleeping with the CPAP for the first time. The air felt better against my face, the sun seemed brighter, I was more productive at work that next day. That is why every night since I’ve received my own machine I’ve slept with a CPAP device. Trust me when I tell you it’s worth it!

Next time I’ll let you know about the years since I’ve received my machine, how I’ve had to adjust my sleep habits since I’m married and sleep with a partner and the maintenance and care of the CPAP device.