Episode – 079: Mental wellness –“It’s like a fingerprint” with Caron LeNoir


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By: Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Description: She's back with her candor and insight. We talk about a lot in this conversation. We touch on religion, therapy and family plans. As Caron opens up about what depression looks like on a daily basis; we ask you to open your hearts and minds to understand the complexity of mental illness and mental health. Take a moment to understand that no one sized solution fits all. No one organization or professional has the "silver bullet". Let's meet the challenge of reconnecting the head to the body and begin to understand ourselves as a whole person. If you love her here you can catch Caron on all of her social media outlets: caronism.com twitter: @caronism instagram: @caronism snapchat: @caronism facebook.com/caronismedia