Episode – 078: Talking Depression, Culture and Millennials with Jose Rosado of the Angry Millennial Podcast


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By: Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Description: As the season's change, so do our moods. For some of us it's more pronounced than others. It's so pronounced that it interrupts our lives! We're talking about mental health awareness, culture, and millennia's. Join us with the Host of The Angry Millennial Show Jose Rosado as he takes us on his personal journey in dealing with depression. This road has had many twist and turns and it has lead him to his latest venture with Creatives Aga;nst Depression. Check them out and check out his show! Creatives Aga;nst Depression: http://bit.ly/2eKHUz0 The Angry Millennial Show: http://bit.ly/2eKGcOf