Episode – 074: “We’re Eating and Then We’re Moving” with Edward and Donna Green-Goodman III


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By: Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Description: Eat and then go walk? That doesn’t sound right. I hear those side conversations with all of you saying: “what are they talking about now in the HouseCall community?” Today, Edward Goodman III and Donna Green-Goodman owners and operators of Lifestyle Therapeutix are going to give us the science behind living healthy. They are going to help us understand how making healthy food choices combined with the simple act of walking can make a huge impact on your health. You can connect with the Goodmans at: http://bit.ly/1YVHLsj (StillShoutin.com) http://bit.ly/1sO4nBr (Lifestyle Therapeutix Facebook Page) Join the conversation at http://bit.ly/21BmXq8HouseCall