Episode – 068: “Shhhhh…they want us to keep it a secret…” with Dr. Pamela Wible. Parts 1 & 2


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By: Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Description: **Parental discretion is advised** More than 1 million Americans this year alone. What will more than 1 million Americans experience this year? They will all lose their physician to death by suicide. What?!!! Why? How? I thought doctors were happy, smart people that had life all figured out? Then why are we loosing 400 of them a year; the equivalent of an entire medical school? You can connect with Dr. Wible at http://www.idealmedicalcare.org/ You can find Dr. Wible's TEDMED talk here: http://bit.ly/1YrDrAI You can purchase Dr. Wible's book here: http://amzn.to/20ygTjq