Episode – 051: They expect me to just keep popping pills, but I know food can heal me. With Dana Stinger


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By: Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Description: Close your eyes for a moment and lets imagine. Imagine the hot sun beating down on your skin, the temperature is just warm enough that with the right amount of exercise you are able to break a sweat. The smells of the earth begin making its way into your nose, meandering through your olfactory station into you head and then down into your lungs. The soft soil between your fingers is like kneading soft clouds. You look up and two hours have flown by and you only meant to be in the garden for 10 minutes to harvest the ripe tomatoes for dinner. And what is this? You still have on your work suit. But you know what? You don't care because the anxiety in your brain has gone away and the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are now fading because the food you are growing is now helping your body repair itself. Now, if you could only get your healthcare team to understand this whole phenomena.