Episode – 042: “Clean, Classic and Simple” with Derrick Ramey Jr. aka Dapperdude


Episode - 042: "Clean, Classic and Simple" with Derrick Ramey Jr. aka Dapperdude (35:23)

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Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Have you ever had that moment when you put on just the right tie, pocket square, to finish just the right suit combo? Doesn't it seem as if you have a quicker pace to your step? Wouldn't you agree you have a little more confidence than you remembered? Or ladies, when you see that man clothed in a classic style doesn't it just make you stare a little longer? Fashion stylist and entrepreneur Derrick Ramey Jr., owner and operator of Dapper Dude, stopped by the community. He talked about his line of men's accessories and some of his personal ideas on clothing, fashion and how he has had the privilege to accessorize some big names in Hollywood. Do you want to know where to catch him? You can find him at http://www.thedapperdudecollection.com and https://instagram.com/_dapperdude_

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