Episode – 041: The 2nd time in your life you’ll have to talk about “the potty” with Dr. Naeem Newman


Episode - 041: The 2nd time in your life you'll have to talk about "the potty" with Dr. Naeem Newman (36:33)

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Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan

Why does it seem as if when we're helping those little people navigate the world of "the potty" the conversations are so easy to have? We say things like, "it's o.k. to go poopy" or we ask our significant other "when was the last time the kids pooped?" It's second nature to talk about it when it involves our children. Now, when it's time to talk about it as adults, all of a sudden we get tongue tied or have amnesia as to our bodily schedule. Have a seat with us and Dr. Naeem Newman, surgical oncologist, as we connect the health dots of colorectal cancer, screening and lifestyle choices.